Even though he may not be old enough yet to handle all the responsibilities that a herdsman needs to know, he is adamant about his involvement with all the ranching chores that need to be done and  handling of the cattle. To him there is nothing more exciting that going out for a head count or to tag the younger stock. 

At the age of 6 he already has two head of cattle and his own horse to ride. He has always loved working around the ranch and has actually helped me put up fence since he was 2 yrs old, just by dragging T-posts to me. As my grandson and working buddy I couldn't ask for a better partner. 

Bryton Loy

"Little Big Man"

Ranch Herdsman 

Groundwork/Roundpen Lessons

This is where it all starts-

To even start to understand our equine friends you have to start with the groundwork. This is probably one of my most 

rewarding parts of working with horses. The mental connection that you can achieve through roundpen and groundwork is immeasurable. When you are done you will have a more respectful and trusting partner. Lessons can be given privately or as a group. 

Horse Training

We specialize in working with horses that have 

"people problems. Our goal is to produce the safest mount possible for all ages. 

Private and Group Lessons
We offer private and group beginner roping and riding lessons for all ages. 


Horse Boarding
offer horse boarding on a limited number. 


Roping Competitions
We offer roping competitions which are designed so that even the beginner will rope with the best and have a chance to win. 

What We Offer

Bar M Ranch has been in business for over 15 years. We are located in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee, 8 miles off I-40 in the town of Kingston and only 20 minutes from the Roane State Expo Center. We are a private riding and roping facility with 24 hr occupancy. Our goal is to offer beginner ropers and riders a safe place to enjoy the sport.





About Us

and Arena 

​We would like to welcome Haley Waller to our horse training program. She is presently learning how to team rope and has been working various horses on cattle here at the ranch. We have noted the great job that she has done with her own horses and are excited to have her on board at our facility. Her love and respect for all horses goes without saying.

Since she has joined us we have come up with a new training program which will keep all parties more involved and up to date on what’s going on with each individual horse and its progress. This program will help us all communicate better and help to establish a better “connection” with the horse. Again, we are happy to have her on board and look forward to working with her.  

Our Staff

Cattle Work

Making it all come together

​For those that are interested in team penning or cattle sorting, this is for you. I will help you to understand not only your horse in these areas but to also understand cattle themselves. 

Roping/ Riding Lessons

Programmed for Beginners

Our goal is to teach our students the basics of horsemanship so that they can have an enjoyable life and partnership with their horse. At the same time learning how our equine friend interpret and respond to our actions and reactions. We prefer to give individual private lessons in this area. 

Haley Waller


Contact info for "The Connection"

Ph. 423-453-7737

Email-  haleywaller96@gmail.com

Roping Competitions

Designed for beginners

Having a hard time finding a place for a beginner to start, here is the place. Here at Bar M Ranch we hold round robin ropings with a handicap so that even a novice roper can stand a chance at winning.