For Sale- "Sam" is an 12 yr old TWH gelding. He stands about 14.3 hh and has been on the ranch for about 4 years. He has been used for everything from a lesson horse to a guest horse. Unfortunately he is not getting used enough so we have decided to sell him. He has been exposed to cattle, dogs, 4-wheelers, trucks, music and about anything else you can throw at him. He is NOT a bombproof horse since we don't believe there is such a thing. He is not what I call a "beginner-beginner" horse either. If you have ridden for any length of time you will be fine, but he is not for someone that knows absolutely nothing about riding. If you want a horse that racks 50 mph all the time he is NOT it. He has been used primarily as a ranch horse to gather cattle lesson horse and to ride the trails. No roping, barrel racing, etc. He is an easy keeper and we ride him in just a short shank snaffle bit. His only vice that I can think of is that he will get a little fast on the last leg of a trail ride heading back to the barn. I tried to video as much as I could of his gait coming to the barn. These videos were just shot this morning and this is only the 3rd time he has been ridden this year and the last time was about 2 months ago. If you have a questions feel free to call or text me a 865-250-9538 or call or text Haley Waller at 423-453-7232 

PRICE- $800  

For anyone that might be interested we also have a YouTube channel in which you can view over 40 videos of horses we have either have/had for sale or in for training. These are all uncut videos. What you see is exactly as it happened. Go go to and type in Bar M Ranch Channel. A couple of our videos are also at the bottom of our "Horses for Sale" page on this site. We do not believe in "Bombproof" horses and do not portray any of our horses as such. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at 865-717-3434 or 865-250-9538. Thanks for your interest.

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